GameFace Tutoring

Welcome To GameFace Tutoring

Whether you’re a new student looking to get started or a current student looking to add times, this is where to begin! We offer help in math, science, and English (reading and language arts included). If you need help on anything from writing a paper to passing your math class, we can help. And if you need help in a subject that we don't offer, let us know.

06.23.14: New Website!
In case you can't tell, the website is brand new! It's got a new layout, which should be easier to use on both a computer and your phone.

For anyone who was used to our old website, you may have to manually reload pages the first time if things look strange.

06.23.14: Summer Tutoring Is Here
We are officially in summer scheduling mode, which means we've dropped down to Tuesdays and Thursdays until September. Tim, Alisa, and Celia will be around all summer, so we can take care of all your math, science, and English needs.

Rather that scheduling through the app, just email us the date(s) you'd like and we can let you know everyone's open times.

06.09.14: Fall Signups Have Arrived!
We have officially opened up times for the fall to new students. If you are looking to secure your spot when September rolls around, let us know.