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Welcome To GameFace Tutoring

Need help in math, science, English, reading or SAT/ACT prep? Since 2007 that's literally all we've been doing. Online or in person, if you need help in anything from writing a paper to passing your math class we're here for you. And if you need help in a subject that we don't offer, let us know.

We've also collected a few awards along the way. We were voted Best Tutoring Service (2016 - Best of Wayne), Best Educational Service (2015 - Readers' Choice Awards), and Best Tutoring Service again (2013 Readers' Choice Awards). #humbleBrag
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Updated Discounts

We've decided to simplify the discounts to make things easier on everyone. If you're interested in learning about ways to save money, you can read about all of the options on the discounts page. But just so we don't leave you hanging, here's the big change.

For people who want to book as needed, all sessions will be at the as needed rate you see when you book the session. Once you get to your 4th session of the month then we'll give you a $20 discount on that session. In addition, the 4th session and any sessions for the rest of the month will drop down to the as-needed rate.

New math tutor, with discounts!

We're excited to announce our newest GameFace Tutor, Julia! You can read all about her in our bios section, or we can spoil the surprise and tell you that she's here to help you with your math needs.

So how are we going to celebrate? By giving you discounts. Here's what we're gonna give you.
1 - If you're one of the first 3 people to set up a weekly time with Julia you lock in $45 sessions with her... for life (or until she quits or you stop coming). Not a trial period. Forever.
2 - Don't want a weekly time? Book anything between now and December 31st and we'll give you the same $45 rate.

Long story short, we're excited for everyone to meet Julia, so sign on up.

Discounts for online tutoring

For anyone who hasn't tried our online tutoring yet, treat yourself to $20 off the regular price for your first session. All you need is an iPad (recommended) or iPhone with FaceTime set up. From there you can download our app and tutor from anywhere you can get wifi.

We've been doing the online tutoring for 2 years now and it's gotten great feedback. And now you can save $20 for giving it a shot.