02.11.14: weather scheduling

Has anyone else noticed that it seems to be a snowy winter? We sure have, so we wanted to make sure everyone was aware of how things work in the event of a snow day.

We will be open regardless of school closings or weather unless you hear from us. Please don't assume we are closed because of snow.

That being said, we want to make sure everyone is safe. If you need to reschedule because school is canceled, the roads are bad, your power is out, etc, please make sure to let us know by 11 AM at the latest. That way we have time to notify the tutor and consolidate their schedule so they can get back home safely as well.

It is extremely important that you let us know by 11 AM if you would like to reschedule. Otherwise we have to pay our tutors, which means we cannot give you a credit for the session.

And just remember, only 40 more days until baseball season!

01.24.14: free drink snow days!

This winter is horrible. To make it less horrible, we are starting up free drink snow days. If you come to tutoring on a day where your school is off because of snow you get a free drink. Anything from hot chocolate to soda to water. Just use the code "I would like a free drink please".

Limit 1 per customer. Good while supplies last.

01.23.14: new subjects offered!

In our nonstop effort to become your favorite place since a place that makes sliced bread we have been expanding our tutoring base. That includes a new group session with Brooke. We can now help in math, English (reading and writing), physics, bio, chemistry, Spanish, study skills, and general studies through 8th grade. To see which tutors handle each subject, please click on the "meet the tutors" link.

And as we mentioned above, Brooke now does a group session as well. It runs from 6:45 - 7:15, Monday through Thursday and is limited to 3 people. You can sign up through your login on the website or through the iPhone and iPad app.