New Website

You may notice that the website is new. Or maybe you're new and think this is what it's always looked like. At any rate, it is new! While we're not finished yet, it's ready for public viewing so we've put it back up.

Over the summer we still ask that you schedule sessions by emailing or texting us, but don't worry, we'll be adding online scheduling back in time for the fall.

Summer Tutoring

We are now officially in summer mode, which means reduced hours. Since we know everyone (including us) has crazy, changing schedules for the summer we'll be switching to as-needed sessions.

As far as costs, everyone gets the weekly rate of $60 per session with Tim and $55 per session with every other tutor. You're welcome to schedule one at at a time, or multiple sessions at once. We just ask that if you do schedule multiple sessions that you make sure the times work for you. We try to schedule our tutors so they don't have big gaps in their schedule.

Fall Tutoring

The fall availability page is officially up. For anyone looking to start off the school year with a weekly time here, hop on over to the fall tutoring page and see what works for you.
(610) 999-1479