iPhone App

Wanted to give a heads up that we're in the process of completely revamping the website and iPhone app to make them run smoother, faster, and look more modern. In the meantime we'll be taking the iPhone app offline until it's up to the standards you'd expect from us.

Don't worry though - you can still do all of your scheduling needs through the website. We'll be putting scheduling back online in the coming days, so hang tight.

New Website

You may notice that the website is new. Or maybe you're new and think this is what it's always looked like. At any rate, it is new! While we're not finished yet, it's ready for public viewing so we've put it back up.

Over the summer we still ask that you schedule sessions by emailing or texting us, but don't worry, we'll be adding online scheduling back in time for the fall.

Fall Tutoring

The fall availability page is officially up. For anyone looking to start off the school year with a weekly time here, hop on over to the fall tutoring page and see what works for you.
(610) 999-1479 gameface@icloud.com